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        I charge a flat fee of $120.00 for virus removals and Operating System re-installs. As these are very labor intensive operations you will need to drop off the computer. I do however provide free pick up and delivery within a 10 mile radius of Avondale AZ. And for $180.00 will pick up and deliver anywhere in the greater Phoenix area. Your price includes the following services at no additional fee.

Backup and restore the following items.
  • Up to 8 gigabytes of data included in the Operating System Reinstall price....Documents, Pictures, Video, Music, QuickBooks or other data bases you inform me of.
  • Data in excess of 8 gigabytes up to 50 gigabytes will be charged $60, and $30 for each additional 50 gigabyte increment.
  • Browser bookmarks.
  • .PST file (email data base)
  • Microsoft Office suites if you have a valid key
  • Drivers for hardware you have installed...printers, scanners, cameras

           I will also check the health of your hard drive, check the RAM for errors and visually inspect your motherboard for blown capacitors and loose connections. Detail your computer (blow out dust, dirt, animal hair... from the case and fans, wipe down the exterior and interior of towers, wipe down exterior, keyboards, screen of laptops) check that your power supply is putting out the proper voltages. Insure your Anti-Virus is up to date and functioning properly. If it is expired or you don't currently have any installed, I will install Microsoft Security Essentials which is a free anti-virus that updates with Windows and does not expire. I will also install all service packs and security updates from Microsoft Update and go to the computer manufacturers website to check for and install any updates available. I will install a 2nd browser of your choice..usually Chrome or Firefox, this will allow you to connect to the internet should IE get corrupted. I will also install "Web of Trust" on your browsers. This is a free add-on that provides a simple visual que as to the trustworthiness of a website within your search results. A trusted site will show as a green circle and sites with varying degrees of trust will show as a lite green/yellow/orange or red circle next to the search results.

If you do not have an Operating System Recovery disc and one can be made from within your Windows installation I will make it for you.
For simple installs of components that you bring to me, CD/DVD drives, ram, software... I charge $15 for each 1/4 hour of my time. Any items purchased through me include free installation.
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